Vision and innovation are part of the core of Labs is the research & development department of dedicated to new developments and emerging connected technologies. The knowledge that is acquired serves as inspiration for future applications. The themes explored in the Labs include the current trends in digital culture, how the internet is entering our daily life and how we interact beyond the screen.

We also analyze and experiment with the new technologies in order to understand their possible applications in a variety of contexts. In the last years we focused on the following themes:

experimenting labs stil leven 4

We started research and experimental projects. We offered space to numerous graduation students and interns, and supported minors of universities with assignments and reviewers. Employees of worked on the development of experiments in their hacktime.

We have a close relationship with science institutes for research and education. We have a partnership with the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network, specifically with Digital Life Lab, with which we collaborate on a  research project together. With Creating010 we organised amongst other things the hackathon Data of the Crowds on personal API. We are an active part of the RAAK SIA project Touchpoints initiated at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences on design of sustainable behavior. We are part of the COMMIT research program.

We organized a hackathon for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in several national and European subsidary programs. Since 2013 we started organizing the Behavior Design AMS meetups, together with Somehow. You can find us at numerous events sharing our vision or collecting new knowledge.

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