Researching the future of digital innovations

LABS, our innovation lab, is a space for in-depth research and analysis of the digital innovations of the near future. We are looking at how digital technology changes our lives, how it influences the business of our clients and what impact is has on our society.

The DNA of innovation

In 2012 we started Labs to emphasize the innovative DNA of With Labs we want to create space for in-depth research and analysis in the domain of the current and future work of Labs commissions projects to research with internal resources and external cooperations. In our core we are looking how technology changes our lives, changes business and impact society. We combine technology and making with a design thinking nature.

In the years we build strong partnerships with several universities, both in projects as in structural partnerships as we have with the Digital Life Lab of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Sharing the knowledge we gain both internally as externally is an important part of the activities. Labs is co-initiator of the Behavior Design AMS meetup that runs successfully since september 2013. And we initiated the Amsterdam edition of the Berlin conference on the design and making of the new things: Thingscon Amsterdam.

Follow the weekly updates

  • A design exploration for Internet of Things. This article is a part of the considerations that have been developed in Labs, in order to draw a proper design language to create a new type of service and interactive products for IoT world.

    Designing fot the IoT world
  • What is a connectable? Read more on our research on designing for Internet of Things.

    What is a connectable?
  • Een toekomst vol eigenwijze producten? Eigenwijs, verleidelijk, er wordt veel mee ge√ęxperimenteerd. Lees de blogpost van Iskander in Adformatie.

    Een toekomst vol eigenwijze producten
  • Waarom hardware onder invloed van het Internet of Things (IoT) de rol gaat overnemen van media. Lees de blogpost van Iskander over de toekomst van IoT

    Over de toekomst van IoT