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I have an idea

Design Sprint.

Instead of months of planning and development, a design sprint condenses the initial stages of ideation, design, and user feedback into just a few days, ensuring a more informed and validated direction for development.

Track 0.

Every great software project begins with a strong foundation, and that’s where Track 0 comes in. Track 0 is the prelude to full-fledged software development. It’s the phase where we lay down the blueprint, taking into account user needs, business goals, and the technical landscape.

Feasibility Scan.

A  Feasibility Scan is essential for individuals or organizations that would like to assess the viability and potential success of a project or product idea, while supporting your business model and mitigating risk.

Product Roadmap.

An excellent product strategy hits the sweet spot between user needs, business strategy and technical values. We ensure that all stakeholders’ insights are weighed in and translated into an actionable roadmap.

Can I automate repetitive work with AI?

Forecasting & Planning.

AI offers incredible benefits to businesses by enhancing planning. Or technology that enables you to optimize every single part of your supply chain. Forecasting and planning will be a breeze.

Conversational AI.

Conversational AI helps businesses answer customer questions anytime, making help feel natural and easy, while saving money by handling simple tasks. This way, companies can assist more people without making customers wait.

How should I invest in AI?

AI Masterclass.

Explore business examples on what AI can mean for your organization. and let the creative juices flow during an ideation workshop to see what works for your organization.

Do you want to start with AI but don’t know where? This is for you.

AI Proof of Intelligence.

Info’s Proof of Intelligence is a carefully timeboxed research trajectory in which we answer a central research thesis on the application of AI within your organization.