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The key to a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is one of this decade’s most overused phrases. It’s a concept that’s being cited at any opportunity, almost giving it a buzzword-like status. Because of this, we might be inclined to not take it too seriously as a concept. But we should. Buzzword or not, the concept of digital transformation does have its merits. To keep up with the market, competitors and consumers, companies are forced to become a digital organization or ecommerce business. It’s the only way they can thrive and survive.

Digital transformation

When we’re talking about digital transformation, we’re referring to how a company’s digital aspects are fully integrated into its core. This goes beyond integrating websites and apps, for example, it’s about digitizing business-critical systems. These are complex systems that you can’t simply shut off or redesign since the whole business is built on this digital foundation.

Alignment is the way forward

In all our years of software development, we have learned that one factor is key to the success of a digital system. It’s not how fast a product is finished or how well the UX of a system works. No, the most important aspect is alignment. By alignment we mean all aspects (teams, data, processes and software) of an organization that are working towards realizing a company’s digital strategy. After spending over 25 years digitally transforming companies, we came to the conclusion that the chance of successfully completing a digital transformation increases significantly when the teams, data, processes, and software are aligned.

Especially when it comes to creating new sustainable propositions. We often see that the value of this is underestimated and that the focus is only on building and integrating technology. But especially when you develop new propositions where silos have to be broken or an existing supply chain is brought up for discussion, it is just so important to align teams, data, and processes to this.

How we can help your business

However, it’s easier said than done to align all these different aspects. We believe that this is something that all organizations are dealing with. That’s why we advise to, before starting a digital project, create a sketch of how things are organized now, so that you have a clear benchmark. Unfortunately, it is not a trick in advance, it is something you have to keep doing continuously. When we set up a product, we take it all these things into account.


You have to ask the right questions in order to map the current situation and involve the right people. We can help you with this process. Together with you and your team, we ensure that we set up your new proposition in a sustainable way and that all stakeholders and processes within your organization are aligned around this, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful digital transformation.