EvaQ: IoT platform for innovative emergency lighting

By 2 December 2019

EvaQ: IoT platform for innovative emergency lighting


Since the 1930’s not much has changed when it comes to escape route signage. Good escape routes are paramount. Nonetheless, they are often difficult to see, which hinders their effective use. In addition, buildings are becoming increasingly complex, and public pressure and safety costs are increasing. EvaQ lighting developed innovative LED technology that makes escape routes clearly visible, halving the time to escape. However, this involves an intensive and expensive monitoring process. And even though people value safety, they value low costs too. INFO took up this challenge.

INFO Case: Evaq Lighting

Map processes

Our solution

Taking a service-design approach, we charted EvaQ’s ecosystem and processes. We found out constant monitoring and early detection of potential issues (prediction maintenance) is very important, so we designed a system that monitors and flags events in real time.

IoT platform

INFO designed an IoT platform that covers the entire lifespan of EvaQ’s emergency and evacuation lighting. As a result, maintenance and support can be done more efficiently, so maintenance costs can be reduced.

INFO Case: Evaq Lighting

Back-office application and AI algorithm

We connected the technology of EvaQ Lighting to the cloud via a mesh network. In addition, we developed an app, an AI algorithm and a back-office application. Thanks to the AI algorithm, potential incidents are quickly traced, which reduces maintenance costs. In the next phase, we will connect all smart emergency lights to create dynamic escape routes, depending on the emergency situation.



Icoon quote

I will get straight to the point: the EvaQ Services app is a resounding success and the added value was quickly discovered by our customers! I experienced INFO as a particularly knowledgable and pleasant partner.

Michael ten Wolde, EvaQ


Thanks to the EvaQ Services App, the digital logbook is always up-to-date. Meeting legal requirements is now easier and more efficient.
Faster escape time
Highest level of safety against the lowest costs

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