Redesign with the user as a starting point

European Association for International Education has developed a content platform for the European Association for International Education. EAIE is an association which supports higher education professionals focusing on internationalization and helps them further in their career. developed a complete new environment for the annual congress and a platform where education professionals are able to find a network, trainings, knowledge and developments in the field.

Preview of the EAIE fully responsive website

Influence on the development process

The instruction for was to build a more manageable website which is fresh, modern and responsive and that shows how EAIE offers more than just the annual conference. EAIE was keen on having input during the development process. For this reason, Scrum-methodology and agile work were found to be most suitable, but in a controlled and predictable manner. The flexible attitude during the complete process and user-centered method were decisive in starting an intensive cooperation. Characteristic of the complete process was the involvement of the EAIE Product Owner, which created a good agile process to the satisfaction of EAIE and

Preview of the large desktop version of the EAIE content platform

Great performance during peak time

First it was necessary to move the current system; EAIE wanted a partner for both the old and planned website. Given that already managed the original website EAIE could count on for all support. The new site has subsequently been built in the latest version of Magnolia CMS and has also been integrated with their existing CRM and Conference Management System.

Finding a good solution for peak moments during congresses presented a formidable challenge. The site must of course remain stable at all times. During design and development high performance and user friendliness on mobile devices was also taken into account, for example through the use of responsive images, so that the user can enjoy an optimal user experience at the conference and on the road. Moreover the biggest wish was for the site to be updated and to remain of interest during the year, while being engaging and more focused on the broad selection of EAIE.

Large desktop version of the EAIE website

Service design

Changing the perspective from the organization to the user was the most important change for the new website. The team devised a product vision from the user’s perspective on the basis of Service Design tools, such as personas and customer journeys. immersed itself in the customer, became a sparring partner and laid the foundation for EAIE’s future ambitions. The use of seasonal content was an important move. In the run-up to the annual congress the user needs particular types of information at different moments of the year. Using design based on content strategy the new EAIE website is able to focus on the specific needs of the user, all year round.

During the complete process the team, together with the Product Owner, constantly focused on functionality, producing the most value for the customer and end-user. Each sprint a product has been put live on the new secured production environment. As a result the go-live process went smoothly and concluded without incidents.

In we found a real partner. From the concept phase through to development, go-live and thereafter, the thought along with us, communicated clearly, advised well and delivered high quality work that was thoroughly tested.
Elise Kuurstra, Marketing & Communications Manager EAIE

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  • Agile
    Developed according to Scrum-methodology
  • Magnolia
    Developed in Magnolia CMS
  • Multi-client team
    Design from users perspective