Business platform for uniform credit decisions


For many companies, it is important that customer acceptance is done in a uniform manner. On the request of Graydon, developed the Graydon Decision Model. The Graydon Decision Model enables companies to assess potential customers in a uniform, efficient and user-friendly way with self-established acceptance criteria.


How do you determine whether or not you want to work with a new customer? Is this customer known as a good or a bad payer, and how creditworthy is the organisation? Does the organisation comply with your credit acceptance policy? For many companies this is a daily consideration that is only made by a handful of financial experts, who cannot always oversee all that needs to be considered. Graydon has asked to design and realise the Graydon Decision Model in close collaboration, thereby introducing a completely new product in a traditional market.

In addition to the goal of providing the market with an innovative and intuitive product, a secondary goal for Graydon was to test how we could accelerate the time-to-market of a product launch.

Graydon Decision Model -

Uniform and accessible

The Graydon Decision Model works twofold: setting up a decision model and using the decision model to evaluate a company. A decision model can be set up entirely according to the customer's acceptance policy. The editor provides an overview of all the points on which a company is evaluated. On the basis of ‘’if-then’’ statements a decision is taken about where a company ends up. The visual representation of the model makes every decision transparent for everyone: both the expert and the non-financial people. Moreover, there is the possibility to set up multiple decision models when doing business in, for example, different sectors or countries.

Graydon Decision Model -

Customised acceptance process

When evaluating a company an acceptance recommendation rolls out: accept, reject or refer. It is explained which control points the company has undergone, and how the company has scored on these points. Moreover, the user is given the opportunity, depending on the sector, country or company type, to draw up different decision model to create a customised acceptance process. Because everything is saved, it is possible to adjust the acceptance process at all times, and thus accept fewer and fewer risk customers.

Thanks to the close collaboration, a result was achieved that really meets the needs of the end user and Graydon. Even after the release, the product is continuously being optimised on the basis of customer feedback and usage data.

Graydon Decision Model

Data driven decisions

The large amounts of data that Graydon converts into valuable information underlies the Decision Model. Graydon has a business database with 2 million companies in the Netherlands and a worldwide network of 130 information partners. This database includes payment experiences, Chamber of Commerce data, annual accounts and financial updates from companies themselves. The completeness of the information enables Graydon to make predictions about things like the possibility of bankruptcy. Scrum team

Agile product development realised the development of the insight-driven business platform in close collaboration with Graydon. One of the characteristic elements of this collaboration is the agile way of working, in which we not only work in the project team via Scrum, but also set the whole organisation in agile motion.

The Graydon Decision Model is the first in a whole series of innovative data intelligence solutions, which is the result of an ambitious strategy, initiated by Graydon.

The philosophy of to develop agile products fits seamlessly with our vision to realise solutions quickly and with constant input from the customer.
Richard Ates, Director Product Development at Graydon


  • Multi-client team
    Total active customers: 273 (up to Feb 2018)
  • Numbers
    Total contract value on the GDM: € 920,000 (up to Feb 2018)
  • Numbers
    Total value of these customers for Graydon: € 2,000,000
  • Short-time release
    Time-to-market significantly reduced by 170%

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