Greenwheels platform

Car sharing of tomorrow at your fingertips today has been the online partner for Greenwheels since 2009. We have succeeded in not only creating an online environment that serves the multi-purpose business objectives, but also in making car sharing a crystal-clear service for the end-users.

Service design as a business generator

Greenwheels, which has been operating in the car-sharing business for 20 years now, relies on as the online partner for all its digital services, across all touch points. During our long-standing relationship we have succeeded in creating an online environment that serves the multi-purpose business objectives. This entails a continuous upgrading of the platform – based on the principles of lean service design and results-driven implementation – to attract, engage, convert and retain subscribers for Greenwheels.


In close collaboration with the Greenwheels team we developed an extremely user-friendly car-sharing platform that can be deployed on an international scale, ready to accommodate the service possibilities offered by the newest wearables. Last but not least, the platform can be easily adapted, making it very tempting for white-label implementation. As we recently proved for Audi by launching the first corporate shared fleet platform in the Netherlands. Audi Shared Fleet.

City mobility of tomorrow, available today

The service experience offered by the Greenwheels platform defines the city mobility rules of tomorrow in three simple steps: register online in no-time, reserve your car and drive off. The platform becomes a true time-saver, with a click-away availability check, an intuitive reservation system that can be accessed on any device or via the smartphone app that serves as a virtual key to open the reserved car.


Expanding the limits of time is currently finalizing the next-level upgrade in which various sub-systems and data gateways will be fully integrated into a single, flexible multi-platform. For instance: real-time data integration from the white-label platforms to the entire back-office management and the in-car communication systems.

The expertise of enables us to provide an even better service experience to our customers, across the different touch points and in close dialogue with them. Visit the platform.

Gijs van Lookeren van Campagne, Co-founder Greenwheels


  • Lasting client relationship, working together since 2009.
  • Nomination for 2011 Dutch Interactive Awards, category “Best online services site” and 2014, category ‘’Best B2B site’’ for Audi Shared Fleet.



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