becomes Business Innovation Partner: INFO

By 19 March 2019Blog becomes Business Innovation Partner: INFO is evolving and growing. The company, which started out 25 years ago as one of the Netherland’s first Internet agencies, has evolved from digital transformation agency to business innovation partner and will continue under the name INFO. They help customers with business evolution through (digital) innovation.

Changes in the market

Remmert Stipdonk, Chief Executive Officer, INFO: “This repositioning is the consequence of two aspects of our business. On the one hand, it follows the natural evolution of our company and on the other hand, it’s a response to questions from our clients and the market. Our clients are looking for comprehensive solutions. They have noticed how fast the market moves and are looking for a clear innovation vision and roadmap, instead of a one-off consultation that is limited to either design or delivery. As a result, our activities moved from the workplace to the board room, where we help shape companies on a strategic level.”


Your one stop shop for innovation

INFO’s methods revolve around Design Thinking and are a blend of business, service, and product design.

Stipdonk: “For clients, it’s a huge leap forward that we – as a business innovation partner – now have three strong propositions that overlap and ensure business evolution through innovation. Throughout the years, INFO used two core propositions: strategy and delivery. Last year, we added the third proposition to this suite: advisory.”

This new proposition enables INFO to assist senior management teams with the shaping of their strategic innovation objectives, which makes them a true one-stop shop for innovation. “Whether it’s about business design, product design, or building smart technology solutions that help improve people’s lives, starting today, we’re the business innovation partner for leaders of the future,” concludes Stipdonk.

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