NOC*NSF and INFO stimulate sustainable sports infrastructure

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NOC*NSF and INFO stimulate sustainable sports infrastructure

We are very pleased to announce that NOC*NSF and INFO have started a strategic project to stimulate sustainable sports infrastructure within the Dutch sports world.

INFO is developing, in collaboration with NOC*NSF and its stakeholders, the Association of Sports and Municipalities and the Branch Association for Sports and Culture Technology, a new online platform Quality Assurance System Sports Facilities, in which all information and expertise about sustainable sports accommodations can be found.

The platform will contain all general and sport-specific information about sports facilities and sports in the public space. We like to make a positive contribution to our daily lives and the world and are happy to be able to work on this together.


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NOC*NSF is a facilitating organization that contributes to creating a healthy and strong Netherlands. To achieve this, we maintain relationships with other organizations, always putting the interests of Dutch sport and athletes first.

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